It is also the house that speaks of past life experiences and any karmic load we bring with us, as well as karmic bonds with our ancestors. In the eighth house of your synastry chart overlay, your partner's moon creates a deep and passionate need to unite as a couple. This is exactly the reason why it is absolutely vital that you FIRST have a very thorough and in-depth examination of their Moon in their own chart. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. In the search for this meaning, a person, especially with a strong twelfth house, can spend their whole life, sometimes immersed in themselves, sometimes in external activities, but constantly striving to surpass the current level of their understanding and touch the deeper layers. I awoke in the Midsummer not to call night, in the white and the walk of the morning: You can read all about Moon in 12th House Natal here. It describes how we feel emotionally safe and secure. In close relationships, we like to know how the other is feelingand it can be difficult to ascertain how either the Moon person is feeling, or the house person is at any given time. A 12th House stellium in a synastry reading can represent a spiritual relationship, that you may have known each other in a past life. This is why, when someone elses Moon falls into our twelfth house, they will bring this very strong maternal energy into it, and whether this energy supports us by gently helping us to re-connect with the deepest layers of our soul or triggers emotional and mental issues, entirely depends on the Moons position by sign and aspects. On the positive side, these two can just get each other on a deeper level than most people understand. The Moon person feels secure in the presence of the house person. The important thing is that they have an innate sense of oneness with nature and its groups. The 12th House is often associated with hidden emotions, secrets, and spiritual growth, and the Moon represents our emotions, subconscious mind, and nurturing qualities. There can be tension at times, but for the most part, your relationship is relaxed, comfortable, and complimentary. Moon in 12th House synastry a strong emotionally-intuitive connection is gradually established due to excellent mutual understanding at the subconscious level. Since the Moon rules our emotional needs, this woman is very sensitive, sometimes too much so. The Moon in 12 th house in individual charts usually indicates a person who is very sensitive and emotional, prone to fears and phobias, and whose feelings are easily hurt. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. We all have blind spots. The obstacles to this aspect may come from financial problems, health problems, or problems dealing with anxiety or stress. It is what signifies your darkest secrets and ghosts. The Moon in the 12th House person acquires a sense of emotional well-being and security from personal associations. As this is the house of equal partnership, trying to one-up each other or being too competitive with each other is less likely to occur. Alsolearn all about your Rising Sign Meaning. So, when the moon is in the 4th house synastry, it leads to a highly intuitive and magical relationship. You are keenly aware of each other's moods and feelings. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. This position means you are idealistic and sympathetic, yet secretive and easily hurt. If Pluto is heavily and negatively aspected within the natal chart of either individuals, there can be many power struggles, manipulation, greed, and even dark sexual fantasies between the two. You (Moon person) genuinely admire the house person, and the house person is inspired by this to be an even better person. The housing system also appliesfor example, if you have 3 planets in the sign of Aquarius in your 3rd house, these 3 Aquarian planets could land in a completely different house when compared to the other persons chart. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. If partner 2 has their 3rd house cusped by Aquarius, subject matters can also revolve around individuality, rebelliousness, standing out from the crowd, technology, innovation, community, friendships, and other Aquarian-ruled themes. With the moon occupying this House, Michas mentions that its the best time to go on a yoga retreat, dive into service work, or commit yourself to doing something charitable. The Moon person has all kinds of lofty perceptions about the house person. This is the position of all emotional self-awareness. Astrologically, these blind spots are represented by the 12th House. Again, trust your instincts and intuition! You are again likely to feel like you know each other from a previous reincarnation, but the sensations of fear and abandonment that this persons Moon may trigger could be felt a lot more intensely and destructively. Moon in the 2nd house overlay: Much of how this placement for the Moon plays out depends on the natal charts of the individuals involved, as you will soon recognize. In a birth chart, it represents the deepest part of ourselves. The 12th house describes someone who has a strong emotional side, and some form of communication or creativity. The house person easily arouses deep feelings, perhaps including deep-rooted traumas and fears within the Moon person. The Sun in the partner's 11th house of a synastry overlay creates an atmosphere of friendship between you. There might not even be a tangible or valid reason for these feelings, yet they persist. However, there can also be challenges including difficulties in expressing emotions openly and a tendency to become overwhelmed by the other persons emotions. In general, the Moon in the 12th house shows a predominant desire to return to the bliss of existence as it was in the womb. The Moon in the partners ninth house of a synastry overlay creates idealistic feelings in both partners. (Depending on the planet that falls there) The planet person is totally confused, and the 12th house person is . Trust yourself and your abilities! It may also suggest that you and your partner have a strong karmic bond from a past life. I will review these for you here, but one easy and fast way to learn astrology basics in just a few hours is by Downloading The Fast Track To Astrology Cheatsheets. The moon is a very sensitive part of the chart. Additionally, the moon represents our subconsciousthe deeper part of us that is associated with intuition and psychic development. To interpret the Moon in 12th house synastry overlay as well as any other synastric planets there, one has to definitely take into consideration how strongly populated the house is, what are the aspects towards its ruler, and how evolved the individual is. For those who believe in reincarnation, this can very well indicate that the two were related in a past life and that sense of closeness has continued on into this lifetime. It can also work if both individuals have well-aspected planets in Pisces or the 12th house natally. There is nothing wrong with this per se: the point here is not so much that the wifes selfishness can exceed reasonable limits. The most important thing for this woman is her family. There can be a high level of tension and energy that can make it difficult to spend all hours of the day together. So, you are dating someone new, or youve been in a relationship for a while, and you are eager to get some insight into the true potential of the relationship. The house person may feel that they cant do anything great without the Moon person, or they may become dependent on the Moon persons admiration as a source of inspiration. In the birth chart, if the moon is in the hidden 12th House, it can resemble how we disregard our own needs. Your relationship usually begins as a friendship, or as "friends with benefits.". Transformation is the name of the game with this synastry position! She is one of the most mysterious types of women you will ever meet. You share the same goals and philosophy of life and you will travel well together as long as you both stick to your beliefs, regardless of what other people have to say. Moon in the 11th house overlay: This is a very beneficial position for the Moon to be in within a synastry chart, as it elicits a general feeling of friendship and acceptance between the two. If this is case, the deep connection may not work here because after the demons are revealed, everyone looks less attractive. Most importantly, the Moon in 12th house synastry overview I am about to give you will mean very little for your relationship if you havent looked at each of the charts separately beforehand. So remember to consider both where the Moon lands in a Synastry chart and what aspects it receives in relation to your partners chart! If you do get mad at each other, the fact that you simply like each other too much may cause you to bust up laughing and forget any negative experiences (within reason). Often times, the Moon person will have a need for verbal reassurance from the house person in order to feel safe and secure within the relationship. Moon Synastry in the Houses PATH-STROLOGY Utilizing Astrology to Find Your Path Home Natal Placements / Aspects Synastry Placements / Aspects Composite Placements / Aspects Planet: Sun Planet: Moon Planet: Mars Planet: Venus Planet: Jupiter Planet: Uranus Planet: Pluto Asteroids + Points Celebrities / The Infamous Past Life Astrology Continue with Recommended Cookies. The Moon in the 12th house describes a woman who is moody, ethereal, dreamy and serene. . The Moon in the partners seventh house is not highly exciting, nor highly intense. Moon in the 7th house overlay: This is a wonderful position for the Moon to be in for a long-term relationship or marriage. Its one of three pointsthe sun, moon, and risingwhich are the trifecta of your personality, says Michas. Air Moons bring lightness, collaboration, and curiosity with them. This placement describes someone who often feels alone, sometimes even hidden from the world. The 12th House Moon woman is a soft and tender woman with deep feelings in her soul. Planets in the 12th were often denied to us as children, Michas says. by Ryan Hart | Updated on May 3, 2021 | Post may contain affiliate links. If you have the moon in the 12th house synastry with your partner, be careful because this is the house of both your soul mate and enemy. According to Michas, the 12th House represents the most hidden part of our chartconcealed from the world and, often, ourselves as well. Moon in the 6th house overlay: This house overlay position for the Moon can be beneficial or detrimental, much of which depends on the individuals involved, and the aspects the Moon receives both natally and in the synastry chart. The Moon represents all the things that you hide in darkness. On the other hand, you feel that they impose a burden or responsibility on you. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. This is overall a wonderful placement for true friendship and keeping communication and relations interesting for the long-term. In the case of the Moon, which we will be discussing here, where it lands in the chart of another will be a highly personal placement that will undoubtedly affect the entire relationship. This overlay simply adds a practical motive for being together. For those who love discussing lifes bigger questions, you will very much appreciate this synastry position of the Moon. On the one hand, the Moon person can feel indebted to the house person and find themselves offering all sorts of help to the house person on a daily basis. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The most important thing to remember about having someones Moon in your twelfth house in Synastry is that it acts as a permanent transit to your twelfth house! All rights reserved. Copyright 20092023 Astrology Library. These are synastry overlay interpretations for the Moon in the partners 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th houses. He is lucky with women and he could have trouble with co-workers. By my progression chart his sun and moon, my north node was in cancer 8th house. The Moon person feels that they cannot figure out the house person. They can be extremely dependent on each other. The Moon in the 12th house bestows psychic gifts, sensitivity beyond anything mortal, and a penchant for getting involved in other peoples lives. This can create a strong and long-lasting bond of intimacy and understanding between the partners. This certainly isnt the case for all 12th house synastry positions (especially with outer planets)but the Moon in particular is a very sensitive and personal part of our charts, that can easily get lost and confused in the 12th house of another. For that reason, we are often out-of-touch with our 12th House planets.. Discover the key to your unique life path & personality. Are they in the same Sign as the other persons Ascendant? In this synastry, the woman may feel a strong sense of empathy and compassion towards her partner, sensing their covert emotions and needs. As somebody with a 10th house stellium, including Mars, Moon, & Venus with Aries on the midheaven-if somebody fails to openly display their feelings for me, I'm gone. You (Moon person) feel that the house person will be as nonjudgmental and accepting as a parent. She may have had difficulty with her mother or mothering in some way. This placement indicates that you possess an innate soul awareness, a connection with the inner self that is rarely available to most humans, including most people who are born without this placement or with a poorly aspected Moon. We often feel the other ones pain, both physical and otherwise. The Moon in the air signs (Gemini,Libra,Aquarius) is very light, communicative, and adaptable. Whether the Moon in 12th house synastry aspect will affect your current life in an enriching and uplifting way, or on the other hand disturb your mental and physical well-being, will entirely depend on the state of your own 12th house, and the aspects of their Moon. The Moon in the 12th House indicates that you have a spiritual, introspective mind. As an example, Michas says, Maybe you two share a spiritual path or maybe you met doing volunteer work at an animal rescue.. In fact, theres nothing wrong with the Moon in 12th House man, except that he has a different way of looking at everything from his peers. They are often extremely sensitive to and aware of other peoples' feelings. Moon in the 12th House indicates that the person may have hidden psychic abilities, but is not ready to use them. Posts: 129 From: Texas Registered: May 2009: . The hidden 12th House can be your prison (where you lock away a crucial part of yourself). Each person will bring out the best qualities in each other. She seeks out service-oriented employment or gives of herself to help others deeply. This would, of course, result in a completely different scenario. I've dated two people with planets in my 12th (sun, moon), and have several . We both have our moons in the other ones 12th house. Chill out and remember you are in this together! Click here to get the 1st 3 minutes of your reading free. The two can arouse feelings of creativity and spontaneity in each other that reminds them of childhood. We have very similar wounds and stuff in the attic lol. She prefers to work behind the scenes. Neither one of you seem to worry what the other will think. When themoonis in the12th House, our emotional needs may be hidden or a little hazy. When two partners have Moon in 12th House synastry they both feel that each has a lot to give the other. You may experience intense mood swings and have difficulty with your emotions because of this placement. Hope he stops hitting and abuse woman. The admiration is great because you feel that you have similar attitudes on politics, religion, and socially acceptable behavior. If you have any further questions OR can point me in the direction of who the artist for the last image ishit me up! Maybe a secret was revealed that changes a relationship or maybe there are changes to how you serve others.. "It's a key indicator of where we retreat to when life gets tough and can also show how we nurture ourselves and others." Since the moon represents that deeper part of us, it can also suggest a dark side to our personality. If you work well together, you can feel as if you help each other feel more effective and efficient in your daily routines and work habits. Moon in the 12th house points to an extraordinary and psychic connection representing the deepest possible bond, with a foundation based on principles of spirituality and soulfulness. This is a very stimulating, albeit not extremely romantic, position for the Moon to be in. However, the individual characteristics have to be considered. However, if your Moon receives many squares and oppositions (difficult major aspects) in relation to your partners planets, this can create a lot of tension in the relationship surrounding 7th house issues and issues pertaining to where your partners planets in question land in their own chart. Either come correct or go away. These folks are highly tuned into each other and they are made to understand each other. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. It was noted above that the Moon person may consider the house person to be out of their league. Sun in Pisces What Others Wont Tell You About Your Pisces Zodiac Sign (Significance, Characteristics, Personality), Sun in Aquarius What Others Wont Tell You About Your Aquarius Zodiac Sign (Significance, Characteristics, Personality), Sun in Capricorn What Others Wont Tell You About Your Capricorn Zodiac Sign (Significance, Characteristics, Personality), Sun in Sagittarius What Others Wont Tell You About Your Sagittarius Zodiac Sign (Significance, Characteristics, Personality), Sun in Scorpio What Others Wont Tell You About Your Scorpio Zodiac Sign (Significance, Characteristics, Personality), Moon in 11th House Synastry: What it Truly Means For Your Relationship Dynamics. 12th house synastry is way too murky for me to tangle with. Its also possible, however, that you will feel competitiveness with one another, much like siblings do. You may become a psychiatrist or psychologist, or you may be involved with public or charitable causes. Think the couple that blocks each other on social media after the split. The Moon in the twelfth house belongs to women who are emotionally sensitive, captivating and beautiful. The two of you can be quite generous to each other, as the 2nd house is ruled by Taurus and Venus. There may be a compulsive desire for sexual excess, extreme possessiveness, extreme greed and power. AND to know very well what the Moon symbolizes and what the Twelfth House symbolizes. During this time, Michas says its best to utilize the moment as a period of retreat. The 12th house represents the abstract aspect of life, such as mysteries, fantasies, and emotions. What does this placement say about your emotions, moods, or intuition? The Moon person in the Moon in 12ht house synastry overlay will be likely to adopt a particularly charitable attitude towards the house person and will be anxious to protect them if they feel the house person is in a situation where one of their vulnerable points is likely to be exposed to an attack. With a dose of caution. If there are other issues within the synastry chart, this position of the Moon can help as it can be very difficult to remain mad at each other. Their Moon, with all it represents will be affecting your deepest subconscious patterns, your most sacred realms and even triggering past life memories and fears, because this is essentially what the 12th house represents. She has plenty of imagination and creative talents and can often be found daydreaming or being distracted by something that captures her attention. Instead of love, this overlay can breed paranoia. It brings with it an energy of stability, maturity, and the need to show love through practical acts of kindness. (See instead: Moon overlays in 1st6th houses.). Posts: 200 From: Registered: Oct 2011: posted March 24, 2012 05:14 PM . However, if either of you already have a dark or rebellious streak, then this relationship can bring out the worst. Its likely that you both have similar interests or worldviews pertaining to politics, philosophy, religion, travelling, and education. And, this very first lesson on how to love is deeply ingrained in our subconscious mind, therefore, putting a mark on all of our relationships. The pain will go very deep, and it can be impossible for this relationship to survive the wounded feelings. Astrologers attribute many circumstances of human life to . The Moon person can also bring a welcomed dose of vulnerability to the house person that will help the house person let down some of their own emotional walls and barriers. Ryan Hart is a relationship science and technology writer. 46.3k. Lets say you have Chiron in your 12th house, which makes a trine to your Sun. You may feel that the house person is too self-serving. The Moon in the partners 11th house of a synastry overlay is a happy overlay. He doesnt expect to be understood by other people; rather, he expects them to keep their distance, which is something most cant bring themselves to do. It speaks of our needs to spend time in isolation, meditate, and connect with the higher realms of reality. The Sun in the 12th house synastry creates a relationship that is defined by mystery and the ability to help each other see the world in a new light. This is a valuable position for a work-related relationship, but this isnt the most fertile breeding ground for love. Why Zodiac Signs Can Mislead You About Love Compatibility. Someone elses Moon in your 12th house may even help you access deep states of meditation, awaken hidden healing abilities, or on the contrary trigger health and mental issues depending on whether the cross-aspect are favorable. Those who have had difficult experiences in a past life, or have lost their mother at a very young age, when their psyche is very fragile, will have to put a lot of effort to heal their wounds before they can embrace this life. In synastry chart overlays, twelfth house planets can add a deep dimension to a relationship based on an elemental, unconscious connection. McDonalds Astrology vs The TRUTH! If the wifes Moon falls into the 12th House of her husband, both can sincerely believe that his main life task is to serve her as the mother of his children and the mistress of the House. The house person sense this, and then also feels very relaxed around the Moon person. She is a puzzle that will keep you guessing at her true character. The True Moon Sign Meaning: Your Hidden Key To Attract Love, Decode Emotions, and. This Moon placement makes you manipulativelearn to think of yourself as an instrument of Divine Providence. For others, it can indicate a need for retreat and reflection that leads them to successful self-examination and understanding of their deeper motivations. There can be a deep intellectual understanding between the two, and they can often pick up on what the other is thinking instinctively. You are both adventurous and broadminded. We know each others moods, tastes, wants of the moment, reactions, sooo much without having to talk. His demons came out. This position is also frequently found in a synastry chart of those in a long-distance relationship. The meaning of Moon in Twelfth House synastry is that the partners should 1) see the karmic knots and unresolved problems coming from the previous lives, and 2) try to soften them on the external material of daily toils and mutual help. You may be shy or quiet because you are sensitive and easily overwhelmed by outside influence. SYNASTRY INTRO VIDEO: TO GET A SYNASTRY CHART: happens when one person's M. If you can handle it as partners, the upside of this position of the Moon is a truly deep spiritual and psychic connection once you get past the lower vibrational energies of distrust, paranoia and suspicion. Wow moon in 12th house dead on greatvwork. A Moon in 12th House synastry partner can become your psychoanalyst, a psychiatrist, and even a spiritual teacher; but for this, you must show spiritual subtlety and complete altruism, which you can not practice right away since the temptation to lie to each other will accompany your relationship for a very long time. Synastry is a valuable resource for examining their relationship with another person based on aspects of each person's birth charts. The Moon person feels uneasy about the tenth house person, even though there may be practical reasons for you to be together. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. We often become more internalized, which is good for meditation and spiritual work, she says. With this kind of connection, someone may feel more comfort than attraction. Would this be a good thing since we would feel so much in common, or would I feel like he is constantly in the teacher role and I am student role? Are you and your love interest meant to be? The twelfth house is by far the most elusive of the houses. The house person will often just get the planet person, which further eases communication and sharing of feelings. Your emotions and need for nurturance and safety may have been overlooked, or maybe even discouraged when you were young, Michas explains. This placement shows a deep yearning forand uncertainty aboutfinding the right path in love. The Moon is indeed a whole mini world in astrology to deeply explore and understand, both in your own natal chart and in your compatibility analysis with another person. WithAstrology+, youll receive access to all this information, plus monthly readings. Moon in 7th House: Synastry, Transit, and More. But this is a great placement for those who are more practical and like to feel grounded in their relationships, and I daresay a great placement for long-term relationships and marriage. I have my moon in my ex's 12th house and his sun was in mine. To ensure a balanced and fulfilling relationship, it is crucial for both individuals to have open communication and set healthy boundaries. If they are sharply negative, then many of the influences of a partners planets in my twelfth house will go unnoticed by me or even cause hostility. Youre deeply attracted at a core level which defies logic. The Moon in the 12th House shows that you will have a very emotional, compassionate, maybe even dreamy nature. The Moon in water signs (Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces) is nurturing, intuitive, and imaginative. The monk comment is very accurate. In a positive scenario, the formation of business relationships is possible. These folks are also capable of making many important contributions to society through their research work and studies in science, nature, music, and other forms of advanced learning. I hope you can see why these things are critical to consider when making a proper Moon in 12th house synastry analysis! The twelfth house also has to do with sacrifice and giving up ones ego for a higher purpose, or, for Gods Will. Other synastry aspects between your charts can add a more affectionate nature, but this Moon in the tenth house overlay is not enough, by itself, to sustain intimate love. This Moon placement is well suited for professions oriented towards home life or in service professions such as social work, counseling, and caring for the elderly or people with disabilities. Whatever planets land there signify some part of you that requires a little self-recognition and TLC. The aspects of the Moon in synastry speak to an individuals emotional nature, and their need to retreat at times into solitude. It is the house of the unconscious and the denied. I guess both my husband and I are as selfless as monks. Serving God has its own purpose, and replacing God, even subconsciously, with a mortal woman and her everyday problems is sacrilege and a karmic punishment for this can be very severe.

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